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Collaboration with BIOASTER to develop molecular diagnostic tests

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27 October 2022

BATM Advanced Communications Limited
(“BATM” or “the Group”)

Collaboration with BIOASTER to develop molecular diagnostic tests

ADOR Diagnostics collaborates with BIOASTER to develop STI diagnostic tests

BATM (LSE: BVC; TASE: BVC), a leading provider of real-time technologies for networking solutions and medical laboratory systems, is pleased to announce that the Group’s associate company, ADOR Diagnostics (“ADOR”), has entered into a cooperation agreement with BIOASTER, the French Microbiology Technology Research Institute, to develop molecular diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted infections (“STIs”).

In line with its stated strategy, the Group is expanding the range of panels in the ADOR system, NATlab™, for groups of diseases – the panel for detecting STIs will join the panels for detecting meningitis, respiratory diseases and, in development, tuberculosis (TB), which will broaden the base of tests and increase the attractiveness of the solution in the various markets. This will also significantly increase the addressable market for NATlab, with the diagnosis of STIs having a global market value of c. $1bn.

The NATlab molecular diagnostics system is designed to provide rapid sample-to-answer isothermal testing of pathogens, with different cartridges for different infectious disease panels. Through the collaboration with BIOASTER, BATM expects to be able to accelerate the development of an STI panel by leveraging BIOASTER’s significant experience in R&D of molecular diagnostics. BIOASTER will also direct the clinical evaluation of the tests using clinical specimens of high quality.

BIOASTER is a not-for-profit Technological Research Institute, headquartered in Lyon, France, dedicated to applied microbiology, formed by the French Government. BIOASTER conducts innovative collaborative research, with and for public and private partners in the four major application fields of microbiology in human and veterinary infectious diseases: vaccines, antimicrobials, diagnosis and microbiota. BIOASTER has more than 100 employees, including 80 scientists and engineers originating from 16 different countries, involved in collaborative projects.

Dr. Zvi Marom, Chief Executive Officer of BATM, said: “We are pleased to begin this partnership with BIOASTER to expand ADOR’s platform capabilities with regards to the diagnosis of STIs. The incidence of STIs is widespread and increasing globally and, if left undiagnosed and untreated, can lead to infertility, chronic pain and even death. By working with BIOASTER, we expect to accelerate the development of molecular diagnostic tests that can rapidly and simply identify the infection-causing pathogen to enable the correct treatment to be administered without delay.”

Xavier Morge, Chief Executive Officer of BIOASTER, added: “We are excited to start this partnership with ADOR Diagnostics to help expand the range of clinical applications offered by the NATlab diagnostic platform in the field of infectious diseases. This collaboration fits perfectly with our mission to accelerate the innovation of our industrial partners and facilitate the development of their products, to the benefit of the patients.”



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Further detail about BIOASTER

Created in 2012, following the French initiative of Technology Research Institutes, BIOASTER is a not-for-profit foundation developing a unique technological and innovative model to support the latest challenges in microbiology. In particular, BIOASTER uses and develops high value technological innovations that accelerate development of medical solutions for populations and personalized medicine. The aim of BIOASTER is to bring together academic, industry and its capacities and specific knowledge to develop and execute high impact collaborative projects requiring industry compatible innovative technologies.

Key figures:

  • 4 fields of expertise: antimicrobials, diagnostics, microbiota, vaccines
  • BSL2 & BSL3 laboratories in Lyon and Paris
  • 100+ employees, including 80% of scientific experts, 17 nationalities
  • 250+ research contracts, involving 93 private partners, 54 public partners.

Press contact for BIOASTER:



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