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BATM is a leading provider of real-time technologies for networking solutions and bio-medical systems.

It operates through two divisions: the Bio-Medical division and the Networking & Cyber division. These two divisions have been built on the creation of strong intellectual property backed by strong patents. This is the foundation for the development of BATM’s market-leading innovative and cost-effective solutions in the divisions’ respective fields.

     Bio-Medical Division

The The Bio-Medical Division is focused on becoming a leading provider of diagnostic laboratory equipment as well as innovative products to treat biological pathogenic waste in the medical, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries.

In the field of laboratory diagnostic equipment, the Group has developed its own equipment and reagents, which have enabled it to grow in various markets and establish an expanding customer base.

While continuing to innovate and increase its presence in traditional markets, the Group is also investing, directly and through joint ventures, in developing the most advanced molecular biotechnology.

The diagnostics unit’s current highly reliable, fast and easy to operate equipment for small diagnostic laboratories are sold primarily to labs in emerging markets, such as China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil and others, which have significant potential for growth. The unit sells instruments as well as associated reagents and consumables.

Ador, an associated company of BATM’s Bio-Medical Division, is developing a unique diagnostics solution, combining molecular diagnostics and rapid tests within the same compact, mobile and easy-to-use machine (reader). The system uses microarray cartridges (panels) to enable the rapid sample-to-answer identification of a specific disease or infection. The Group believes this will allow medical practitioners to provide far quicker and more efficient treatment. The Group intends to target leading hospitals to demonstrate the strength of the solution and to utilise its extensive partner network for further marketing. In addition to the significant target market for the reader, the Group will be able to expand its target market segments through the development of panels for new disease areas. Ador is currently developing panels for meningitis, tropical infectious disease and hospital admitted infectious disease, and will then expand to others.

The division’s other innovative solutions treat pathogenic and medical waste in laboratories and hospitals, and in pharmaceutical manufacturing plants and for agricultural applications (in particular, for the safe treatment on site of poultry remains during the rendering process). These solutions are based on unique patented Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder ("ISS") technology that has been used and recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

The division is also a distributor of leading brands of other diagnostic equipment and medical supplies, particularly within Eastern Europe. This includes providing analytical and diagnostic tests of third parties, which helps to develop the market channels for BATM’s own diagnostic solutions and relationship with tier 1 companies.


     Networking and Cyber Division

The Networking & Cyber Division is focused on becoming the leading provider of Network Function Virtualisation ("NFV"), Carrier Ethernet and MPLS access solutions, and cyber network monitoring.

In the Networking unit, the Group is servicing a wide need for access solutions to the ever-expanding mobile and cloud markets as well as for the wire-line infrastructure. The division is working closely with customers and partners to define needs in cloud‑based networks, NFV and advanced access solutions. The Group intends to use its technological leadership to penetrate tier 1 operators and to develop solutions targeted at growth areas including 5G, MEC, IoT, Cloud and Enterprise.

In the Cyber unit, the Group is focused on providing network monitoring solutions and services to large area networks, principally those utilising 10/40/100GE. The primary target customers are government organisations in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For Networking and Cyber, the business model is based on selling a solution that combines integrated hardware and sophisticated software. The Group is expanding its investment in software-based products, which it expects to result in higher volume of software licensing revenues in the coming years.years.


Future Developments

Management intends to continue to invest significantly in R&D and sales and marketing activities in order to support the organic growth of the business.

In addition, management intends to make bolt-on acquisitions to strengthen its position in the Networking & Cyber Division and Bio-Medical markets to maintain its leading position.

Our Vision: Reliability and Innovation



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