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Edge Innovation Network and Edge Compute solutions

Telco Systems delivering innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s networking challenges. Established in 1972, Telco Systems brings over 40 years of experience to the design and development of advanced, high-performance telecom network communications solutions. 

  • A leader in innovative Carrier Ethernet and SDN/NFV solutions
  • Broad hardware and software product portfolio 
    –End-to-end CE 2.0, MPLS, SDN & NFV carrier-grade portfolio
  • Operating in high-demand markets with scalable business model
  • Installed at 300+ service providers in 50 countries


Global Presence


Global tier 1 customer base

NFVTime: Solving the Practical Deployment Challenges of uCPE

Carrier Ethernet Solution


QuickDeploy launch package

  • MANO, uCPE Manager
  • uCPE NFVi-OS

Verge - Service ready uCPE

  • Bundle of whitebox, NFVi-OS and VNFs
  • Bring your own MANO

Software only

  • uCPE NFVi-OS Software only
  • Bring your own hardware, VNF, MANO



Carrier Ethernet Solution

Carrier Ethernet Solution

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